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Friday Fun: Polaroids as Cake Toppers


{Photo via Greene Wedding}

Such a quirky, fun and unique way to personalize your cake!! While this couple is "kissing" there are a myriad of different poses you can come up with.

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Fun Idea for a "First Look" Photo Op


{Photo by Michael Segal Photography}

This is such a cute idea, not to mention fun way, to make the "first look" moment and photo op that much more dynamically dramatic. Have the couple walk towards each other with the helium balloons in front of their face, then have them release them together and watch the surprise (or whatever other expressions) on their faces! 

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Thursday's Trend: Food Truck Wedding Receptions


{Photo by Chelsey Boatwright Photography}

With spring and summer right around the corner, we are falling head over heels with the idea of having a food truck reception for your wedding. Food trucks are the next hot trend, period. But, we also see them becoming the next big thing for wedding catering. While the prospect may be exciting, let's take a step back and give you a few things to keep in mind if this is your caterer of choice.

{Photo by Chelsey Boatwright Photography}

While you need to keep the season in mind, there are ways to work around that. During the warmer months, you can do it outdoors either picnic-style or with tables set up under a huge white tent (for shade) or, you can even do it during the colder months, depending on whether an indoor venue lets you use your own caterer. The food truck(s) can then be stationed by the curb. 

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Wedding Cakes: the Timeline Difference Between Custom Cake Shops vs. Your Local Grocer

{Photo courtesy of Essence Cakery}

Custom cake shops’ and grocery stores’ version of customized cakes are two completely different batches of ingredients in several aspects, depending on what you’re looking for in your wedding cake.

If you need a cake in a pinch (or a day) your local grocery store is the place to go. If you have a certain design/theme or icing and cake flavor combos in mind, a custom cake shop is what you’re looking for, which requires more advance notice. Here are a few facts you should know when examining your choices.

Grocery stores typically do not bake in-house, and order their cakes from a food supplier, keeping them in the freezer until needed.

“This limits your flavor and size options,” says Betty Black, Essence Cakery. “But, on the flipside, provides the advantage they need to quickly pull a cake together.”

{Photo courtesy of Essence Cakery}

The icing stores use is generally a pre-whipped, non-dairy topping in two basic flavors: vanilla and chocolate. The pre-whipped icing can accept light color tints, but it’s hard to make a design with the texture and consistency, according to Black.

Grocery stores usually do not make specialized items for their cakes in store, but usually will have a standard set of deco packs in stock that have been ordered from their supplier.

All this being said, you couldn’t simply walk into a custom cake shop and expect them to put your creation together in a day with the same quality, along with all the intricate details it requires.

“Custom cake shops are just that: They are all about the customization of each and every order,” she says. “Cakes are not baked until they are ordered, which ensures the customer has a multitude of choices in size, flavor, filling, icing and design.”

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Bridal Trend Alert: Ombre Frosting


{Photo by Debra Eby Photography}

Ombre isn't just making an appearance in clothing fashion, but in things from hair to furniture to wedding cakes. What do you think of this trend? We think the coral ombre effect on this cake was very tastefully done.

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Summer Wedding Special at Heritage Ranch Golf & Country Club


{Photo courtesy of Heritage Ranch Golf & Country Club}


Book a wedding for August and September of 2013 and receive $300 off the ceremony package and $500 off the reception package!!

Heritage Ranch Golf & Country Club is reminiscent of the grandest ranches of the Texas Hill country. The spectacular interiors of the 24,000 square foot Clubhouse of handcrafted maple trim and beautifully adorned ballroom provide an inviting atmosphere for your big day surrounded by loved ones.

{Photo courtesy of Heritage Ranch Golf & Country Club}

Located right in the DFW area, they offer a spectacular view of their luscious golf course for an outdoor service or our beautiful ballroom with their oversized dance floor.

{Photo courtesy of Heritage Ranch Golf & Country Club}


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Q&A: Wedding Gown Designer Kenneth Pool Reveals 2013 Trends

{Photo by F8 Photography}

Wedding gown designer Kenneth Pool made a special appearance for the Victor Harper Fashion Show at Stardust Celebrations in late February. We were able to snag this Q&A behind-the-scenes interview with him to hear the inspiration behind his designs, what brides are loving and what we have to look forward to this season in trends.

The Texas Wedding Guide: How would you sum up the essence of what the Kenneth Pool Spring 2013 collection embodies?

Kenneth Pool: It’s all about glamour.

TWG: Like “Hollywood” glamour?

{Photo by F8 Photography}

KP: It is a little like Hollywood, but not tacky Hollywood. It’s kind of old money glamour. The girls that buy from me really want to be on the red carpet when she gets married. It’s like her red carpet Oscar moment. She really wants to feel like a princess. They love embroidery, beadwork – and they really want to be over the top; they’re not shrinking violets at all.

TWG: What elements inspired this season’s bridal collection?

KP: I’ve been doing this for so long that my client really is my inspiration, and I think that’s what makes you successful because if you stray from that, and if you do things just for fun or fantasy, you’re not going to sell them. Travelling and coming to stores like this is very important because you learn from the girls you’re working with; what they want; what doesn’t work on a tall thin, girl vs. what a shorter, heavier girl needs and wants. So it’s a great learning process. If you don’t listen to your client I don’t think you can be successful.

TWG: Is there a "type" of gown you are most drawn to (i.e. romantic, avant garde, modern, etc.)?

KP: I don’t do romance. It’s too…I don’t do girly girl. I’d say my style is more of a sexy traditional. I like really low necklines and I like a lot of cleavage; love a lot of bust – can’t help that.

TWG: What are your thoughts on the popular portrait back gowns?

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A Trick to Get Couples on the Dance Floor and a Bouquet Toss Alternative


Why not kill two birds with one stone and have your dance floor filled (temporarily, at least) and a "safer" alternative to tossing the bouquet (especially handy if you're not feeling your aim will be great)? Have the DJ or master of ceremonies call all the married couples out on the dance floor. As he calls out how many years they've been married, in incriments of 5, those who haven't been married past a certain amount of time sits down. The couple who's been married the longest gets handed the bride's bouquet and they get to share words of wisdom or tips they've learned over their years of marriage. Also, it's a sweet way to honor the longevity of their marriage.

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Friday Fun: Wedding Programs Paper- and Reader-Friendly


Don't you catch yourself marveling at the fact that while simple with a spritz of edginess, this wedding program looses none of its sophistication and charm? At how there can be so much information crammed on one piece of paper, but it doesn't leave you feeling dizzy? We love it! It even cuts down on costs and saves a few trees, for those of you who are eco-conscious. You could even turn them into fans for an outdoor wedding, so your guests can use them to keep cool.

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Our List of a Few Must-Haves at Your Wedding

Today, we decided to pool together a short list of what we thought were the must-have things you should have at your wedding. Here they are! 

A comfy, love seat sofa to make things more cozy and intimate for the newlyweds.

Oh, and don't forget the "cool" kids table. Having a kid-sized table off to the side, laden with Crayons, games and other activities keeps the little ones entertained and less underfoot. Plan to pay one or two people to "oversee" the table. Or you can seat the parents near enough for them to keep an eye on them.

Glow sticks are always fun, for kids and adults alike, and always bring back a myriad of memories. The signage by these glow sticks in Mason jars is adorable.

For all those leftovers at the dessert bar you don't want to throw away or take home. Great little additional wedding favor for your guests. But, be sure your master of ceremonies makes your guests aware of that opportunity to take home goodies.

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